Your Partner for Online / Hybrid Conferences & Events
Your Partner for Online / Hybrid Conferences & Events
Your Partner for Online / Hybrid Conferences & Events

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Conferences & Exhibitions

We help you choose the right event format and develop a secure and engaging virtual experience.

Online events facilitate conference attendance besides travel restrictions and help deliver vanguard information. Moreover, a virtual summit is perfectly compatible with event marketing, digital marketing and sponsorship strategies. Virtual conferences can boost attendance, increase the event experience and reach a wider audience than traditional live events.

Our online event platforms are fully GDPR compliant


We offer the Following Services

Online conference: Our services include the complete conference setup, from hosting of the sessions, breakouts, networking and more. Due to our agile processes, we work with different third-party providers to offer you the most suitable solution for your virtual summit. For example, we provide different webcasting formats including live video webcasts with slides, or interactive (questions, polls etc.) and flexible options for presenters.

Virtual exhibition: Customised booths within a virtual exhibition hall. Visitors can click on a booth to access presentations, pre-recorded videos, webinars, live chat and much more. In addition,  booth representatives can interact with visitors via live chat, voice or video call.

Virtual poster presentation: All posters can be seen in a virtual poster hall. Moreover, we can create several poster halls with different topics in order to facilitate the journey. In addition, presenters have access to statistics like poster views, and various extras like chat function, survey, broadcast messages and more.


You would like to see what a virtual exhibition organised by Next Normal looks like?

Take a look at the walkthrough video of the 14th India Chemical Industry Outlook Conference & Exhibition, 2021.

Hybrid Events


Hybrid events feature a mix of live and online features. In this version, delegates may be present at a physical location, while others attend the sessions virtually. As a result, hybrid events may attract sponsors and attendees who would not have otherwise been drawn to a live event. 

Our online event platform is fully GDPR compliant and set up on AWS.

What Our Clients Say

We are very happy to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients. Please view the video Testimonials from our recent Virtual Conference & Exhibition

We enjoy working with inspiring and engaging professionals.

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