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Our passionate event team boasts of creativity, flexibility, core expertise, industry relationships, creative management and organizing skills. If it’s your special day, we leave no stone unturned to make it a memorable one.
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We plan & design weddings that capture the imagination.


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Fantasy Wedding Guide

We all love a bit of a magic, especially at a wedding. The fantasy genre is growing in popularity in all aspects of life, from books, to films, to weddings! Decorated tiaras, alternative wearing gowns and unique wedding vows can be present for those who enjoy a little touch of pixie dust or elvish lore. But how does one create a fantasy themed wedding that will be remembered for generations? By using this ultimate guide, of course!

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Executing the evets with utmost detail, making sure the bride, the groom,

 their families & all wedding guests have a memorable experience.

John & Alisa

LA – 26.10.2018

Mike & Amanda

NY – 26.10.2018

Steave & Julia

SF – 26.10.2018

~ How we build an event ~

From decor and location to food and seating, we’ll assist you in developing a budget, help pick out vendors as well as a venue and take care of the day’s timeline so you won’t have to worry about a thing except showing up.
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How we build an event


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PO Box 16122 
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